An Issue Unique to San Pablo

The City of San Pablo is usually quoted as being only 2.6 miles in area.  We are surrounded by the City of Richmond with small swatches of County. The majority of our land is residential with a small amount for business and commercial, and an even smaller amount for light industrial. Consequently, the tax revenues generated are not enough to sustain our City services and government.

Our City Manager has done extensive work looking for ways to reduce the costs of running our City without cutting fire and police as well as other vital services to our seniors and children in the process. Quality of life in San Pablo is an important priority to our City Council. Thus, we are grateful for the additional revenues generated by the Lytton San Pablo Casino.


However, at issue is the reality that a long term reliance on casino revenues are not a wise projection. We must give serious consideration to every opportunity to expand non-casino revenues for a stable financial future for our City. That is why we are looking at the following opportunities and are in process with some of them already.

  • Development of the San Pablo Economic Development Corporation (SPEDC)
  • Installing Fiber Optics throughout the City for business and the community
  • Reward contracts to developers who bring revenue generating businesses
  • Establish near the College a BART station for additional residential and retail
  • Develop ultra light rail transportation for ease of movement in our City
  • Survey unincorporated areas to possibly annex, especially North Richmond
  • Build a state of the art modern Library
  • Construct a new City Hall complex and sell the old site for development

We have been working very hard to move San Pablo towards a self-sustaining City. This will be our number one priority for many years to come. If you have any additional ideas for us to consider please contact me, I look forward to hearing from you.  Mayor Kinney

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